Tomorrow the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) will announce its new monetary policy and all eyes, especially in business circles, will be on Karachi and rightly so. So far, in order to ward off the worst effects of the coronavirus pandemic, the Bank has already slashed the policy rate by 625 basis points since this March. And, slowly but surely, this dovish stance has begun impacting the economy to the upside. Demand for credit is much improved, businesses are much happier than they were at the same time last year even though there was no coronavirus at that time, and significant sectors of the economy have started picking up.
Going forward, it is only natural for the business community to salivate at the prospect of yet another cut. And it’s not just expansion they are eyeing; for that would be a far off thing even though the economy has improved. One of the prime reasons is the losses some of them have suffered because of the virus and the lockdown. That has left many of them in need of cheap money. And if they can have some of that at a lower interest rate than at present they why not? At least that is how they would or should be thinking. Plus it’s not as if they are asking the central bank to do what monetary authorities in other countries aren’t already doing. The focus everywhere, for economic as well as political reasons, is on keeping businesses and jobs from collapsing any further, and every country’s central bank seems determined to do whatever is necessary to keep the damage to a minimum.