NAB committed to root out corrupt with iron hands. Chairman NAB


Chairman NAB, Justice Mr. Javed Iqbal chaired a meeting to review overall performance of NAB at NAB Headquarters.
The meeting was told that NAB has so far recovered Rs 296 billion from corrupt and deposited it into the national exchequer which is a record achievement.
The meeting was told that NAB has received 3, 67,742 complaints since its establishment. Out of which 3, 65,374 have been disposed off as per law. NAB has authorized complaint verification of 12,702 complaints, whereas 12,189 complaints have been processed and disposed off after due process as per law.
NAB has authorized to conduct inquiries of 8,084 complaints, out of which 7,425 inquiries have been concluded to their logical end as per law.
The meeting was told that the NAB has authorized to file 3,050 references in respective Accountability Courts, out of which 2,049 references has been concluded as per law.
Justice Javed Iqbal Chairman NAB NAB said that complaint verifications, inquiries, investigations and complaints verifications should be completed as per prescribed time frame of 10 months, so that the corrupt could be punished as per law.
As many as 1,200 references are being heard in respective Accountability Courts.
He said that request for early hearing of 1200 corruption references would be filed in respective Accountability Courts so that people’s Rs 970 billion could be recovered from corrupt and deposit into national exchequer. He said elimination of corruption is top most priority of NAB. He was using his best abilities and resources for elimination of corruption.
He directed NAB officers to perform their duties with utmost honesty, merit and as per law and law violators have no place in NAB. NAB is vigorously pursuing the policy of indiscriminate accountability. No hurdle in this regard would be tolerated, he added.