NADRA establishes ‘Special Facilitation Desk’ for overseas Pakistanis


The NADRA has established Special Facilitation Desk for Overseas Pakistanis at OPC Office at Club 1 Road.
The facilitation desk has been established in the light of the decision made in the meeting of Vice-Chairperson Overseas Pakistanis Commission Punjab Ch. Waseem Akhtar and DG (Operations) NADRA Col. ® Tahir Maqsood Khan.
The facilitation desk shall provide assistance to the overseas Pakistanis in making National Identity Cards.
NADRA team has installed the equipment here in OPC office on Saturday after consideration with Commissioner OPC Passand Khan Buledi. Facilitation desk has begun test run from to provide assistance to Pakistani expatriates in making NICs without facing problems. Overseas Pakistanis Commission shall formally inaugurate the facilitation desk in next few days.
Vice Chairperson Overseas Pakistanis Commission Punjab Ch. Waseem Akhtar and Commissioner OPC Passand Khan Buledi have thanked NADRA authority on the establishment of facilitation desk and showed commitment to take more concrete steps like these for the resolution of overseas Pakistanis.