Nawaz’s concerns


Nawaz Sharif’s aggressive posturing continues even after his and Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s trip to Saudi Arabia. In his latest press talk, Nawaz has expressed concerns that behind-the-scenes manoeuvring is underway to rig next year’s election in favour of some ‘blue-eyed people’. The former prime minister also threatened that if the manoeuvring was not abandoned, he would share with the nation details of backchannelling that took place during his time in office.
In the wake of Sharif brothers Saudi Arabia trip, rumours were rife of a deal in the works between the family and the security establishment. Many political pundits observed that after the trip Nawaz would show restraint in his public statements. But his latest statement suggests otherwise.
Having been elected to the PM’s Office three times in the last three decades, Nawaz Sharif is no stranger to backchannelling.
He is right to demand a free and fair election in 2018 but he should refrain from merely issuing statements as public opinion stunts.
It is good that DG ISPR General Asif Ghafoor had refused to comment on Nawaz’s allegations when asked a question about the matter during a TV talk show. The military spokesman stated that Sharif should provide evidence to substantiate his claims.
The allegations levelled by the former PM are indeed serious and if evidence is provided, they warrant an investigation. He should, therefore, provide evidence to back his claims so the elements trying to ‘destabilise the democratic system’ can be exposed.
Nawaz should realise that a free and a fair election is in the interest not only of all mainstream parties but also of Pakistani democracy. It is too important an issue to play politics on. He cannot expect the public to treat him as the sole warrior on this front. If he has concerns, then it is his responsibility to reach out to other mainstream parties and build a joint front on the matter. Former president Asif Ali Zardari has already commented on the matter. .Trump’s