Newly appointed registrar PMDC, a blessing for foreign qualified doctors


Happened to read an article against Dr. Sitara Hassan in Daily Pakistan on 16th October 2018. It was surprisingly stated that she is showing a personal vendetta which was in contrary to what I have witnessed as few of my good friends attached with the noble profession of medicine and are doctors have completed their post graduations from Australia, Japan , UK and Malaysia in their respective fields. I have often heard them talking about hurdles they face during the recognition and registration of their foreign degrees from PMDC.
According to them, this lady is the most helpful, decent, honest and non greedy employee of PMDC. They consider her as blessing in disguise especially for foreign qualified students. Many of their long awaited decisions were made as soon as Dr. Sitara Hasan got appointed as registrar PMDC.
The article itself seemed to be a propaganda or a personal vendetta against the noble lady. One can have difference of opinion from another person but this doesn’t mean that one has the permission to do character assassination of the other.
By bringing personal and family issues in limelight shows the unprofessional attitude and immaturity in writing. Everyone has a personal life, which is absolutely private, and is totally different from the professional life, and I believe Dr Sitara Hasan has shown to be true professional and firm in her stance.
So far I believe, Dr. Sitara Hasan is a deserving candidate for the post of registrar in PMDC. I am sure that the foreign qualified doctors coming to PMDC during her era will be the lucky ones to have their degrees recognized and egistered in fast track.