Next C O A S


Malik Zahid Ahmad Khan.

COAS selection is the most important for the government. As this general is the real safe guard for democracy in our country. I am of the opinion that if my country is provided 15 years of democracy , without disruption , my country will emerge as a democratic state with a powerful democratic roots in the countrymen. Sir, we are completing nine years, with the retirement of General Raheel Sharif on 29 Nov 2016. For the coming six years, it is important to select a professional soldier and that too from marshal class because the above two generals were from proud marshal class, with a heavy traditional marshal background, which work as taboo , sociological study says so.. It is a matter to be finalised by our beloved prime minister and his team. Remember 1991 and 1998, selections, coasted vertebrae heavy damage to the effort of nation building. Asif Nawaz was through marshal class but from armed corps, these generals are good at English but rash shallow and timid at hart because tank is a sure kill in war therefore they are, what they are Infantry general is suited.