No one can stop us from 2nd Nov protest: Imran


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Tuesday said his party’s protest on November 2 in Islamabad would go as planned.
“No matter what happens, they cannot stop us from registering our peaceful protest on the 2nd of November,” Khan told reporters in Islamabad.
He rubbished the government representatives’ claim that the PTI is calling militant wings to participate in Islamabad lockdown protest.
They are spreading propaganda. This is absolutely untrue, he added.
“Every time we call for public pressure, they start floating these rumours of militant wings attacking or RAW attacking,” the PTI chief said.
Imran Khan strongly condemned the cowardly terror attack on Police Training College in Quetta and said he will leave for the city shortly.
He said noted when there is evidence of RAW involvement in Karachi and Balochistan, so why has Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif not raised the matter internationally.
“Modi leaves no opportunity to have Pakistan declared as a terrorist state, and Nawaz Sharif can barely utter a word against India,” the PTI Chairman stated. “Nawaz Sharif has become a security risk for Pakistan.”
Khan said India cannot defeat Pakistan militarily because the country too is a nuclear power, thus, a new doctrine is emerging there.
“The doctrine is to make Pakistan implode from inside. To make Pakistan descend into chaos without any reforms,” he said.
He also demanded the government to expose names of those who recently revealed ‘sensitive information’ to an English newspaper.
“These people who carried out the leaks are speaking Modi’s language and yesterday a US state department statement too said the same,” added Imran Khan.
The PTI Chairman said terrorism and corruption is a connected nexus.