NUST, Tameer-e-Khalaq Foundation to Foster collaboration for Climate Change Initiatives


Tameer-e-Khalaq Foundation (TKF) and National University of Science and Technology (NUST) have officially entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to enhance collaboration and participation in activities related to climate change initiatives. The MOU outlines the framework for joint efforts in priority areas of mutual interest.
Under this agreement, NUST and TKF aspire to facilitate and strengthen collaboration in various fields, including research, policy papers/briefs, workshops, program implementation, and projects. The collaboration aims to address the pressing issues related to climate change, disaster resilience, and sustainable development in Pakistan.
To enhance catastrophe resilience and encourage climate change adaptation in Pakistan, the nonprofit humanitarian organisation Tameer-e-Khalaq Foundation is in a good position. Knowing that the nation is particularly vulnerable to heat waves, earthquakes, avalanches, droughts, and floods, TKF is dedicated to collaborating with other organizations to improve the ability of communities, institutions, and government agencies to reduce risks and adjust to a changing environment.
Sana Maqbool, Director ICON, NUST and Muhammad Usman Aslam, Head of Climate Change Initiatives, DRR & Strategic Partnerships TKF signed MOU in NUST, Islamabad. Through combining resources and expertise, academic and humanitarian organizations are forming a strategic partnership to confront the issues posed by climate change in Pakistan.
Usman Aslam expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership stating that, “We believe that effective collaboration between educational institutions and humanitarian organizations is essential for tackling the complex issues of climate change. Through this MOU, we aim to combine our efforts and resources to create sustainable solutions and contribute to building a resilient future for Pakistan.”
NUST and TKF are committed to leveraging their combined strengths to drive meaningful impact in raising climate change awareness, adaptation, and mitigation in the region.
TKF has recently established a Climate Change Initiatives, Disaster Risk Reduction & Strategic Partnerships Unit to address the challenges posed by climate change in the country. Recognizing the global impact of climate change, TKF aims to collaborate with various stakeholders, including the government, development sector, corporations, and social civil society.
The goal is to effectively and efficiently tackle the challenges associated with climate change in the country and contribute to global efforts in climate change mitigation and adaptation.