Pakistan honoured to host World Environment Day: PM Imran


ISLAMABAD : Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday termed it an honour for Pakistan to host the World Environment Day saying that it was during their KP government tenure when they decided to plant one billion saplings.

Prime minister Imran Khan was addressing the ceremony in Islamabad to commemorate World Environment Day in collaboration with the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) on the theme of ‘ecosystem restoration’ and focus on resetting our relationship with nature.

The program was also addressed by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He said that previously only 640 million trees were planted in the country while the PTI-led KP government alone during its five-year tenure planted one billion saplings.

“Unfortunately, forest land in Pakistan has been ruined and occupied,” he said and blamed the timber mafia for ruining the jungle area in the country.

Imran Khan shared that trees along 50 kilometers of Shahra-e-Karokaram were cut and praised the efforts of the forest guards who intervened and stopped the activity which also saw the death of their 10 fellow members.

The prime minister said that nature has once again given them the opportunity to utilize these 10 years to improve their ecosystem as any threat to it will have an irreversible negative impact on the country.

“We are already witnessing the impact of global warming on our glaciers, which is a source of 80 percent of our water supply,” he said adding that their meltdown has led to water shortages, with provinces blaming each other for water theft.

“Currently we have provinces quarreling over water shortages and if we are unable to manage it today, it will have a far-reaching impact in future,” the premier warned.

He stressed the need to educate children on climate change and the importance of trees and said that it would help in addressing environmental issues in the future.

“If we achieve plantation target of 10 billion saplings in the country, it will have a positive impact in future,” Imran Khan said while sharing the government’s initiative to establish 10 national forests to boost the plantation drive.

He further lauded the UN Secretary-General for stressing upon the rich nations to contribute more in the climate change efforts saying that most of the money of the poor nations usually goes in paying off their debts. DNA