Pakistan Navy participates in Pakistan Day parade with zeal & zest


our correspondent
Pakistan Day Joint Services Parade was held at Shakarparian parade ground Islamabad.
Smart clad and agile contingent of Pakistan Navy led by Commander Muhammad Shahid lqbal PN was part of the Joint Services Parade.
Pakistan Navy contingent included Lady Officers, Special Services Group (Navy) and PN Band.
The hallmark of Pakistan Navy contingent includes participation of first Pakistani Sikh Naval officer Lt Pawan Singh leading the PN squad. Pakistan Navy lady officers’ squad was led by Lt Cdr Sana Firdos.
In addition, formations of Pakistan Navy aviation assets including Long Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft P3C Orion led by Capt Saleem Nasir PN, ATRs led by Capt Syed Talat Hussain PN, Seaking helicopters led by Capt Sher Wali Khan PN and Z-9EC helicopters led by Cdr Talha Mateen PN participated in impressive fly past at the parade venue. PN UAV was also displayed during the parade.
Pakistan Navy Sea Eagle team, led by Commander Muhammad Abrar Younis PN, Special Services Group (Navy) was part of Tri Services Sky Diving Team. The Sea Eagle Team exhibited various free-fall jump techniques including Sky maneuvers and landing at targets with precise accuracy.