Pakistani expat traders invest $13b over past 7 years: President OICCI


KARACHI: The Managing Committee members of the Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OICCI) recently held their annual interaction with senior diplomats of countries represented at the OICCI. The meeting provided an opportunity to exchange views on the current Business Environment and to share the OICCI perspective on opportunities for FDI in Pakistan. President OICCI, presented key highlights of research conducted by the OICCI, including in the areas of Business confidence, status of security environment, perception of foreign investors in doing business in Pakistan vs regional countries and status of Intellectual Property Rights compared to other countries in Asia. Commenting on the FDI landscape, highlighted, “Foreign investors, who are members of OICCI, and are already doing business in Pakistan have a very positive view and good understanding of the opportunities in the country. DNA