PARC developed Solar Pump and Water Saving Technologies


Fazal Maken Inaugurated at ceremony in CEWRI Field Station
our correspondent
Water is one of the most important substances on earth. All plants and animals must have water to survive. If there was no water there would be no life on earth.
PARC and Nestlè Pakistan are taking joint efforts to highlight and address the water-saving- smart and environmental friendly technologies and importance of water for development of agricultural sector in the country for the food security.
A Memorandum of Agriculture Research and Technology Transfer (ARTT) have already been signed between PARC and Nestlè Pakistan. The solar powered water-saving technologies have been demonstrated at CEWRI Field Station, PARC-National Agricultural Research Centre for capacity building of farmers, students, researchers and scientists. The activities demonstrated at the field are
Atomized Micro Sprinkler Irrigation System for intercropping in the Citrus Orchard, Atomized Bubbler Irrigation System for Citrus Orchard, Atomized Drip Irrigation System for Pear Orchard, Solar pump of 20HP with 20KW and Atomized Soil moisture sensor.
Addressing to the participants of Inaugural Ceremony, Mr. Fazal Abbas Maken, Federal Secretary, M/o National Food Security & Research said that the M/o National Food Security & Research has planned to work across the target stakeholders especially all national level NGOs and rural communities to consumers, sisters departments of the governments and civil societies. It will be ensured that farmers can adapt to climate change and effective water technologies to get the fruits of greater investment in rural development and mitigate and adaptations of climate change effects.
While sharing his views on Water Importance, Dr. Yusuf Zafar, Chairman, PARC in his speech told that Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) is making efforts to address and develop efficient irrigation technologies for farmers. Pakistan has been gripped by severe energy crises and same is true on farm energy shortage. The solar energy harnessing from the sun is a viable option to address the conventional energy crisis and use of alternate source efficiently. He further added that PARC is focusing attention on the importance of water as the 80% of Water in Pakistan is used in Agriculture. In the past, Pakistan was a country rich in water resources with its huge reservoirs, however, no water its resources started declining because of Climate Change. The needs to educate or extend of the water –energy-agriculture and irrigation management systems among the stakeholders /researchers / professional at farm levels. Solar Energy System is one of the solutions to reduce the national energy consumption. The Climate, Energy & Water Research Institute (CEWRI), of PARC- NARC making efforts to develop skill and understanding of professional in its designing and management of solar pumps and efficient irrigation system.