LAHORE : Punjab information minister Fayyaz ul Hassn Chohan has said people have shown their alienation from “Aboo Bachao, Corruption Chupao” movement.

Commenting on opposition parties public meeting at Gujranwala Fayyaz ul Hassan said “ Lucky Irani circus show flopped despite spending Rs 1.03 billion by opposition.

He claimed that 11 opposition parties together could not gather over 8000 people. This way every opposition party could bring only 700 people from all over the country. Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan had gathered more than these people in his public meeting at USA.

“ Empty stadium testifies disassociation by the people from “Aboo Bachao, Corruption Chupao movement. Now the corrupt elements should head towards returning the plundered public wealth.

He held no impediment was created by the government on the way to public meeting of opposition parties. All the macro and micro economic indicators are showing positive trend under the leadership of Imran Khan, he claimed.