Perishable items worth millions decaying on Torkham border due to strike


our correspondent
Trade activities had been suspended on the last Friday as the All Torkham clearing agents Association went on strike against the new policies of Pakistan customs.
Exporters of both sides of the border were facing heavy losses as thousands of vehicles loaded with perishable items had been stranded at Torkham border as clearing agents were on strike since last Friday in favour of their demands. Scores of vehicles that supply commodities to Nato forces in Afghanistan were also stuck on the border due to the strike, a source at Torkham border told.
Perishable commodities worth million were breaking down due to the suspension of the clearing process by the agents association.
An Afghan national and one of the stuck trucks’ drivers, Shah Agha expressing his grievances told this scribe that they were facing hunger, thirst and other troubles during hot weather. He said the clearing agents association and the customs officials should facilitate truckers rather create hurdles at Torkham border. He said they had spent all the money during the last three days due to the strike.
The driver said that they were at risk of dehydration due to overheating and lack of drinking water as they were compelled to spend day and night with their vehicles on the road. He regretted that the poor truckers have no other way but to face hard time for no reason.
They appealed to the government of Pakistan and all Torkham clearing agent association to show mercy on the stranded vehicles’ drivers and conductors who have been searing in the hot weather on roads due to the strike for last four days.