PM directs for all-out steps to curb commodities’ prices


Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed the concerned authorities to take all possible administrative steps to bring down the prices of basic commodities.
The Prime Minister issued these directions here on Tuesday while chairing a high-level meeting on prices and availability of basic commodities, especially wheat and sugar.
The Prime Minister said that strict action should be taken against hoarding and profiteering.
The meeting discussed the availability of wheat in the country, the prices of wheat and flour in different provinces, the schedule of wheat imported by the government and the private sector and its arrival in the country to meet the future needs.
A report on wheat and flour prices in different parts of the country from Tigers Force and independent sources was presented to the meeting.
The meeting was informed about the daily release of Wheat from Punjab. It was also informed that Sindh will start its release till 16th of this month.
To ensure the appropriate supply of Wheat in the country, the forum decided to increase the per day release of Wheat from Punjab.
Regarding supply of sugar, the meeting was informed that the imported sugar will be available to masses at lesser rates. It was also informed that the crushing season will begin from 10th of next month in Punjab.
The Prime Minister approved the proposed administrative measures to control rising prices of basic commodities in the country.

The meeting was attended by members of the economic team, federal ministers, governor State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), and provincial chief secretaries.

It is pertinent to mention here that the Prime Minister on Monday last said that his government will use all the resources at disposal of the state to bring down skyrocketing prices of essential food items in the country. Imran Khan also decided to once again use the services of volunteers of Tiger Force for the identification of hoarders. TLTP