PM Imran welcomes Srilanka’s decision allowing Muslims to burry Covid-19 victims


Islamabad – February 26 (Online): Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday welcomed the Sri Lankan government’s decision to allow the burial of Covid-19 victims, days after the premier’s visit to Colombo.
On February 10, Prime Minister Imran had lauded his Sri Lankan counterpart Mahinda Rajapaksa’s announcement that burials would be allowed. A day later, however, Rajapaksa backtracked and said there would be no change in the cremation-only policy.
The ban had sparked protests by Muslims who bury their dead in accordance with Islamic customs. The Muslim community in Sri Lanka had held a protest prior to Prime Minister Imran’s visit, where they carried a mock janazah or coffin.
“Respect Prime Minister’s statement and allow burials,” one banner at the protest read.
On February 25, a day after Prime Minister Imran concluded his two-day official visit to Colombo, the Sri Lankan government issued a notification saying that the order has been amended to allow both burial and cremation of people who died due to Covid.
“I thank the Sri Lankan leadership & welcome the Sri Lankan govt’s official notification allowing the burial option for those dying of Covid 19,” PM Imran said in a tweet posted today.