Police busted liquor unit in a house, one arrested


Police recovered large quantities of beer, as well as machinery to brew the alcohol were recovered from the house where the manufacturing unit had been established.
Police arrested a man in the raid who was allegedly involved in supplying and setting up a liquor brewing unit in the house in Maskinabad area of Peshawar here on Wednesday.
During the operation, 31 bottles of ready-made liquor, chemicals, drums, empty bottles, raw materials, pistols, rifles and thousands of rupees in cash were recovered from the possession of the accused.
The accused belongs to an organized liquor supplier group, said the police. A case has been registered against the accused and an investigation has been launched into the incident.
SHO Bhana Mari Timur Saleem was informed that a residential house in Miskinabad area has been used for supplying liquor to various parts of the provincial capital.
SHO Timur Saleem after a raid on the house arrested the accused identified as Sohail Abbas.
During the operation, 31 bottles of liquor, chemicals, raw materials, empty bottles and pistols including pistols and rifles were also recovered from the house.