Police sold seized ‘toxic liquor’ in Toba Tek Singh


Initial investigation report held police authorities responsible over sale of toxic liquor that claimed over 40 lives on Tuesday. Initial investigation report submitted to the Chief Minister states that police confiscated alcohol two months ago and allegedly sold it to culprits on Christmas eve. Bishop Joseph Mehmod said he had been informed that the liquor was brought from the Chuttiana police station’s storehouse. Residents of the area alleged that Sawan Masih, a sweeper at the Chuttiana police station, had sold the liquor to Sajjad Masih, a district police lines sanitation worker. Sajjad had first sold the liquor in the Mubarikabad Colony and later filled it in a water cooler and placed it on a street corner to be consumed for free.
He was taken to the DHQ Hospital and referred to the Allied Hospital but could not survive.