President stresses need for effective, simplified taxation system


President Dr Arif Alvi has stressed the need for an effective taxation system to increase revenue collection for betterment of the country.
Addressing a ceremony on Friday, the president said that an effective tax system would help eliminate corruption from society, which is otherwise gravely affecting the poor people. The president said the government is focusing on the empowerment and financial inclusion of youth, women and disabled persons.
He regretted that women are unable to take full benefit of the loans being offered by the government due to lack of awareness and emphasised the need to facilitate and guide them to avail loans for their businesses. He urged the businessmen and industrialists to take steps for the financial inclusion and empowerment of women and persons with disabilities by employing them in their respective organizations.
Emphasising the need for a simplified and tax-friendly environment to encourage the people to fulfil their national obligation, he said lack of trust over tax-collecting bodies and their corruption are the main factors responsible for tax evasion.
Meanwhile, President Alvi has called for resource conservation, including energy and water, as a way forward for future generations.
Addressing a ceremony on Friday, he stressed on protecting and enhancing green areas to lessen the effects of carbon emission. He said that modern techniques should be used in agriculture as a substitute of flood irrigation to save the water resources. He said, “Similarly we should practice different conservation methods in daily-use items and clothing.”
Expressing satisfaction over the government’s measures to increase the green areas of the country, he said society as a whole should play its role in reinforcing the government’s ten billion tree tsunami program.
While sharing the latest data regarding measures of the Presidency to be at the lowest level as a carbon contributor, he said the same practice should be adopted at all levels to avoid the risks of global warming. He also called for ensuring world peace as wars can only lead to food shortage.