PTI govt believes in strengthening institutions, not confronting them: Ch Sarwar


Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammed Sarwar said that the PTI government believes in strengthening the institutions and not in confrontation with the institutions with the aim to strengthen the country.
Electoral reforms are very important to strengthen the democracy and the Parliament.
Governor Punjab stated this while addressing the media on Tuesday during visit to National Head Quarter of Boys Scouts Association. On this occasion, Chief Commissioner Boys Scouts Association Sarfaraz Qamar, Central Secretary Iftikhar Ahmad, Paymaster Sajjad Masood Chishti, along with Commissioner Administration of Boys Scouts Association Punjab, Mohammed Waseem Bari, and Rana Takasur other people were present.
While addressing the media Governor Punjab Chaudhary Mohammed Sarwar said that putting obstacles in the way of electoral reforms is not service to the democracy, adding that electoral reforms are necessary in order to strengthen the democracy and the Parliament.
Opposition should keep the interest of country and democracy ahead of personal interest and sit with the government for electoral reforms so that electoral reforms can be introduced to ensure fair and transparent elections.
Chaudhry Mohammed Sarwar said that doing politics is a democratic right of opposition, adding that the government has no threat from the opposition. He further stated that people have given the mandate to government for five years and the government will complete its tenure under the leadership of Imran Khan.
He said that the opposition should wait for the next elections instead of hurling threats of protest, and let people decide from the power of their votes that to whom they want to see in the government.
Governor Punjab said that the government saved Pakistan from economic bankruptcy through its economic policies and despite Covid-19, Pakistan is among the top 10 rising economies. He said that the government is working for the welfare of common people and Insaaf Sehat Card is the gift of government for poor citizens.
The government has increased the scope of Health Cards and free health facility will be provided to larger sections of public.
Responding to a question, the Governor said that it is proved from Cantonment Board elections that Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf is the most popular political party of Pakistan in all four provinces. The government is working with sincerity to fulfill promises made to the public, he added.