Punjab govt to spend Rs 6.5b on tourism


The Punjab government has allocated Rs 6.5 billion for tourism in the financial year 2024-25, said a budgetary document released here on Thursday.
The government was committed to promoting the tourism sector on priority basis and therefore, it had allocated Rs 6.5 billion for its 31 projects with 16 ongoing projects fetching Rs 496.9 million and 15 new ones of Rs 6.03 billion.
For the new schemes, the money would be spent to establish “Murree Development Programme” with an estimated cost of Rs10 billion in which Rs 5 billion had been earmarked in the financial year 2024-25.
Similarly, a sum of Rs 75 million had been allocated for Strengthening and Digitalization of ITHM and Provision of Missing Facilities, Rs 250 million for Designing, Promoting and Implementing different Eco-Friendly Tourists Facilities in Punjab, Rs 50 million for Automation of DTS Lahore, Rs150 million for Establishment of Technical Facilities, Conservation Lab and Visitor Services Lahore, Rs 70 million for Establishment of Business Development Cell, Rs 50 million for Digital Mapping of Tourism Sites in Punjab, Rs 20 million for Establishment of Tourism Huts at River Indus, Rs 60 million for Provision of Missing Facilities for Tourism at TDCP Patriata Chairlift, Murree, Rs1 million for Feasibility Study for Construction of Glass Bridge Murree, Rs1 million for Feasibility Study for Establishment of Eco-Friendly Park, Rs 1 million for Feasibility Study for Installation of Chairlift at Kotli Sattian, Rs 95.06 million for Establishment of Eco-Friendly Glamping Pod Village, Chewra Hill, Rs 80 million for Design and Establishment of Cable Car Kala Bagh Mianwali and Rs100 million had been allocated for the Establishment of Darshan Resort at Kartarpur.