Quaid-e-Azam balloon sparks panic among Indian officials in occupied Kashmir


Yet another “balloon-like” object has sent Indian officials into a frenzy in occupied Kashmir.
According to a report by News18, what was described as a “round balloon-like” object, was found floating near the Tamalla Nallah area of Arnia district.
The harmless balloon, green and white in colour, has pictures of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, along with hearts and Pakistan Zindabad on it.
But the police were not going to let it go scot-free. It was taken into custody and sent for analysis.
Heightened security measures and alarm has been attributed to “suspected spurt in drone activity” within the area.
In March, a similar report surfaced, of an aircraft-shaped balloon found in occupied Kashmir with PIA’s markings.
According to Indian news agency ANI, the balloon, also green and white in colour and with PIA logos on it, was found in the Sotra Chak village in Hiranagar sector of Indian-occupied Kashmir.
The news agency reported that residents had raised the alarm and alerted the police to the balloon’s presence after spotting it floating in the area.
ANI reported that Indian police immediately reached the spot and seized the balloon. A probe was launched to investigate its origin.
‘Spy pigeons’
But these joy-giving, harmless objects, are not the only things to have aroused suspicion among Indian officials. Poor pigeons, too, have been the subject of much scrutiny, since the past few years. A few have had their wings clipped to prevent them from going back.