Ronaldo overcomes injury to take on Real Madrid


Cristiano Ronaldo has finally recovered from his injury following match with Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami
Cristiano Ronaldo has finally returned to the pitch to play for his team Al Nassr versus Al Hilal after suffering an injury that kept him out of a few friendly matches in China and will also reportedly be playing against his former team, Real Madrid.
This Thursday was Ronaldo’s comeback on the football pitch. He played the entire ninety minutes of the game, demonstrating a full recovery.
Al Nassr lost the match against Al Hilal 2-0 in spite of all of his efforts. In the Saudi Arabian league, his team is ranked second, trailing only Al Hilal, who has seven points more than them, according to Hola.
Several news sources have stated that Ronaldo and his team have been invited to the opening of the new Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, raising the possibility of a match between Real Madrid and Al Nassr.
According to Marca, the stadium has been undergoing renovations for a while, and a reopening is anticipated for early 2025.
Supporters eagerly anticipated a meeting between Inter Miami and Al Nassr earlier this month, which included longtime rivals Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.
Ronaldo’s injury prevented him from playing during the game, which disappointed a lot of spectators and supporters.
With little effort on the part of Al Nassr, the squad defeated Inter Miami, winning 6 to 0. In the 83rd minute, Messi, who was also recuperating from an injury, entered the game.