Rapid force, Rapid Response
KARACHI: Constable Muhammad Rafiq and Constable Khalil of RRF of Sindh police are being hailed as heroes on social media for their pivotal role in taking down the terrorists. One of the constable, while talking to media explained how he took down the terrorist. According to the RRF personnel, he shot the terrorist twice and injured him. Later he took a headshot of the assailant after he tried throw a hand grenade at him. In a video, he explained how terrorists tried to enter into the premises of the PSX building and opened fire on the security guards who were performing their duties at the entrance gate of the stock market. “I was performing duty at the main gate of PSX building… suddenly four terrorists came and opened fire on security officials. The attackers shot dead sub-inspector and security guards and also injured two other policemen,” he told reporters. The brave policeman said that first, he killed one of the terrorists who tried to enter the building from the main gate. The three other terrorists also tried to enter into the building and one of them tried to throw a grenade but, I immediately shot him on the head and injured two remaining terrorists,” said the brave policeman.