School bags distributed among orphans


Tanzeem-e-Asatiza Landikotal distributed school bags among orphans in Loey Shalman on Thursday.
Malik Nadar Shah and Mujahid Shah told journalists that they had identifies 200 orphans boys and girls in Kam Shalman and Loey Shalman who are enrolled in government schools. They said Tanzeem-e-Asatiza was committed to reach out every poor and orphan child and help them. They said it was their mission to enrol and pay for all school expenses of poor and orphan children.
Nadar Shah said due to unaffordable price hike a large number of families have dropped their children from schools as they could not afford their school fees.
He said with their limited resources they help poor children to study and make their bright future. He said so fsr they have distributed 700 school bags and stationary among poor and orphan children in Landikotal.