School Bags (Limitation Weight) Bill 2019 ready to be tabled in KP assembly


Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Elementary and Secondary ( E&SE) Department has drafted the bill “The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa School Bags (Limitation Weight) Bill 2019” with the aim to relieve school-going students from carrying heavy schoolbags.
Advisor to Chief Minister , Ziaullah Bangash said that the legislation would be tabled in the provincial Assembly after the cabinet’s approval.
He said that it is a common sight to see little school children with heavy schoolbags larger than their own bodies in our country.
“Now the long-standing problem of burdening little children with heavy bags would be resolved to the relief of children in the province” , he said.
He said that frequent complaints were recieved from parents in this regard, thus necessitating me to undertake proper measures.
Ziaullah Bangash has directed the KP E&SE Department to set a weight limit policy considering the age, class and weight of students.
He added that E&SE Deptt has categorised weight limit for various school classes.
The weight of the school bag has been fixed keeping in consideration the international standards, and after consultation with medical experts.
The weight of the school bags shouldn’t exceed 15% of the schoolchild’s body weight.
Under the proposed legislation , educational institutions must provide lockers / drawers to their schoolchildren, so study materials can be safely stored in school instead of adding up as extra weight on their shoulders.