Security forces foil a bid to smuggle drugs from jamrud to peshawar


Our Correspondent
While thwarting a bid to smuggle drugs from Khyber Agency to Peshawar, the security forces officials claimed to have recovered huge cache of hashish, heroin and ice from a deserted vechile near Bagyari Check post of Jamrud tehsil, Khyber Agency.
The Khyber Rifles official said on Sunday that an attempt to smuggle 114kg hashish, two each kg crystal meth and heroin was foiled by soldiers of security forces at Jamrud tehsil.
The official said that on tip off extra-security measures had been adopted at Bagayari checkpoint however,observing strict checking, the alleged smugglers fled away from the scene and leaving a coach behind them.During search maximum quantity of narcotics items were recovered by the troops,hided in numerous cavities of the vehicle.