Seminar on “Awareness about Cultural Industries” held


Peshawar(PR): Creative Economy & Cultural Industries unit of Directorate of Culture KP Peshawar arranged a seminar on the agenda of “Awareness about Cultural Industries”. The audience, students and faculty members, attended the seminar. Seminar started at 10:30am in lecture theater hall of IM Sciences with recitation of holy Quran.
Welcome Speech:Ms. Shabana, welcomed team SDC on behalf of IM Sciences. In her welcome speech she expressed the importance of links between govt. and Higher Education Institutions. She said that up till now Govt. is working in a separate sphere and education institutions are working in separate spheres and elaborated that there is need to bring these spheres together. Higher Education can play a vital role and can provide quality research for the Govt. policy makings.
Saleem Ullah Jan, Creative Economy & Cultural Industries Specialist, introduced SDC Project along with units that are operational in SDC.
Strengthening of the Directorate of Culture has 6 units namely Research & Documentation Unit, New Media Unit, Design Craft & Visual Art Unit, Creative Economy & Cultural Industries Unit, Languages & Literature Unit, and Web Developer Unit. Saleem Ullah Jan Explained domain of Culture Industries and functions of all these units. He also thanked support provided by IM Sciences and students for attending.
Naeem Safi, Project Director of Strengthening of Directorate of Culture (SDC) was invited for the main speech. Naeem Safi explained the reasons of approaching the Higher Education institutions for work in Cultural Industries. He expressed that Higher Education leads the society and provides solutions to the problems faced by society through research and analysis. In this regard, quality research of Higher Education Institutions could provide authentic and workable solutions to challenges faced by Cultural Industries. He also explained the need of cultural identity in light of UNESCO charter about Culture identity.
At the end Ms. Shabana highlighted IM Sciences’ featured events as well as number of researches that are currently underway. Naeem Safi further explained the areas of culinary heritage and identified areas of culture industries that could be capitalized.
It was agreed that focus group discussions should be started following this seminar, to further extend knowledge of cultural industries and the support that IM Sciences can provide in this regard.
Mr. Waseef & Mr. Zafar accompanied SDC team to departure gate.Seminar concluded at 11:45am. SDC was invited for tea and refreshments by Ms. Shabana to tea club.