‘Shelter homes’ gaining popularity among destitute people


People have widely appreciated the government’s initiative of establishment of shelter homes, describing it a great relief for marginalized and poor segments of the society.
“We were provided free facilities like night stay, dinner and breakfast when we stayed for a night in shelter of the city, in short I would say that establishment of these shelter homes is an important step towards Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision of making the country a true welfare state,” Hidyatullah Khan said.
Another citizen, Habibur Rehman said that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government was committed to the empowerment of the poor and provision of such wonderful facilities like shelter homes was testament to this fact.
He said labourers or travellers, who had no place to live in a big city like Peshawar, could now reside at the model shelter home and none of the previous governments had thought of these poor people.
He urged the government to build more shelter homes so that more people could benefit from them.
A school teacher Naqibullah Khan observed “We should encourage such an initiative with open heart as provision of free bedding and foods at this time when prices of commodities are high is really a blessing.”
He was of the view that adding that the initiative would pave the way for economic development besides providing respectful living facilities to needy and homeless people.
According to the social welfare department a number of people belonging to marginalized and vulnerable segments of the society are availing various facilities at shelter homes (Panagahs) in Khyber Pakthunkhwa.
It says that these shelter homes are providing free transportation facilities, night stay, dinner and breakfast, gas electricity, hot and cold water facilities besides provision of soaps, towels, hand sanitizers etc.
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has earmarked the required budget under the ADP scheme for the establishment of Panagahain at the divisional headquarters level.
The essential staff and vehicles are provided to pick and drop facilities and other equipment distributed to respective Panagah.
The Model Panagah at Pajagi road has a dining room, dispensary, hujra, barber room, laundry, women and family rooms, recreational hall, and prayer place.
The department said that the KP government would take every possible step for the welfare and protection of marginalized and vulnerable segments of society.