Snatcher gang busted, two arrested


Police claimed to have arrested a gang of snatchers and recovered Rs36000 cash and weapons used for criminal activities in the areas fall in the jurisdiction of Pahndu Police Station, Ring Road and surrounding areas.
According to police, the arrested accused are belong to Musazai area, an area of Peshawar city and recovered the looted money from people. During the interrogation, SHO Pahndu police station interrogated several criminals and suspects, including habitual criminals residing in the surrounding areas, and started closely monitoring them, during which the real culprits involved in the robbery were traced.
SH O police station Phandu Haji Mohammad arrested two accused Raj Wali alias Raja son of Jahanzeb and Bilal son of Arsala Khan. Both the accused belong to Musazai area on the outskirts of the city.
During the preliminary investigation, several accused of robbery and dacoit were arrested.
It has also been revealed that the accused were allegedly involved in other incidents. Police claimed to recovered Rs 360,000 in cash and arms used in various incidents have also been recovered.
The accused also mentioned the names of his other accomplices during the interrogation. A special team headed by DSP Gulbahar Zahid Alam has been formed for their arrest