SSP Operation orders new strategy to end street crimes in Peshawar


In order to control street crimes and indentify troubling points in the provincial capital, the police claimed to have devised a new strategy to trace criminals with their criminal records, said a statement issued by police.
The capital city police have also decided to launch a comprehensive crackdown against the criminals in Peshawar and bring down the ratio of street crimes and other unlawful activities.
During the week-long crackdown, during special operations in all four divisions, 15 accused involved in street crimes, robbery, car theft, were arrested.
Police also recovered stolen valuables from their possessions and seized 15 Kalashnikovs, 135 pistols, five rifles, five shotguns, one Kalakov and more than 6,000 extra different bore cartridges.
Similarly, the police have also launched a special operation against wanted criminals in various crimes during which 190 wanted criminals wanted in various serious crimes have been arrested and modern automatic weapons have also been recovered from their possession.
Giving special tasks to all divisional SPs, SSP Operation Haroon Rashid said that additional personnel have been deployed after identifying trouble points to curb street crimes in the city, he added.
Security is a top priority that cannot be compromised, SSP Operation Haroon Rashid said, adding that special roadblocks have been set up in the city and snap checks are being carried out.