Stop Blaming Moderates


Juan Abbas

Whether it’s the issue of the first amendment or immigration laws to be included for government funding, Moderates are an essential part of America’s functioning democracy.
America’s moderate wing is a literal roadblock for either party’s agenda. And while both of them strive to help Americans in their way, they need to have moderates on board to pass legislation, no matter their minute minority. In the Senate, with Sinema, Manchin, and Kelly, Democrats face a big challenge to push through a very heavy bill, criticized for its spending, and its vast scope.
The latest on Roe v. wade, is an important factor leading to all these tensions. Roe v. Wade, (410 U.S. 113), is a groundbreaking decision of the US Supreme Court in which it was ruled that the Constitution of the United States protects the idea of a woman’s choice. It led the way to pro-choice movements across America, and across the world. However, a recent court case in Texas Supreme Court overturned the six-weeks limit for the ruling; virtually banning anyone who aids a potential woman heading to the hospital, including the taxi driver! This all, because of the conservative shift in the state of Texas.
Now, there are different decisions that go into such a step, but women across the country, including conservatives, are demanding that this choice be opened, and the only branch that can do this is the legislative branch. The Women’s Health Protection Act was passed by the House last week, after a tight divide, moving onto the Senate, where it will most probably die, of democratic moderatism.
This is fueling anger in the hearts of many who are seeing crises on top of crises. For the investment part, the President had planned to introduce a 3.5 trillion-dollar bill to Congress. That bill has come down to two trillion, after a conservative backlash. Senators Warren and Sanders’ plans of free community college, child tax credits and universal prekindergarten will be affected by the cuts, as progressive “over-doing.”
The constant need for lawmakers to discuss the obvious is frankly, a waste of time for them and Americans who hardly make ends meet.
Immigration is also a core issue, which is being practically eliminated out of a bill, that will only help the American people, unlike previous Republican bills that only raised the debt ceiling, and cause a year’s delay in a financial crisis. Truth be told, the decisions made by the previous administration is what will show its colours next week, after the economic decline of our “October surprise.” So, congratulations to the GOP on that. Immigration bills including DACA recipients are what helps Mexicans and central Americans cross the border and seek a new life in America. This strive to come is difficult but its worth it with the right amount of government funding, that goes into social working for these marginalised communities. It was essential to include such points!
But the sole proprietary of women in this issue is absolutely outrageous.
And because of the disproportionate harassment of women, out of two men, and one woman, the one woman-Senator Sinema-is being harassed wherever she goes, because of stopping the bill from going to the President’s desk. Images emerged of people approaching her on planes, in the hallways, and believe it or not, the bathroom. Outside the bathroom on congressional grounds, she was followed inside and shouted at. Now, yes, she is holding up a vast agenda, but Arizonans voted for her after all. There was a reason she was voted into office. Her moderatism is what invited people to vote for her, and not competitors like Senator Martha McSally.
Recent polling came out after which some progressives are planning a primary challenge against Sinema. Frankly, that would be a stab in the back for her, and suicide-in the political grounds of Arizona- for Democrats. While I as an individual may agree with progressives on most issues, it is the Sinema-Manchin argument that I seek a dispute. Nobody follows Republicans into bathrooms. They’re holding up the bill too. Why then the people with the most difficult job? They are solution seekers and want everyone happy. They are the de-politicizers. They deserve respect, like every other American out there. Issues are issues, but there are other ways to address them.