Tech company Alachisoft’s Excellent Crisis Management Policy in Response to Covid-19


During this time of pandemic with new government policies on businesses, social distancing and the overall impact of the economy, it is important for businesses to adapt and respond on time. Alachisoft is hoping to inspire other tech companies through this example to adopt similar policies in order to help prevent damage to Pakistani tech companies as well to maintain the health and safety of the workers in those companies.
Alachisoft has made some big changes in response to Covid-19, increasing productivity and preventing the spread of the virus.
Alachisoft, an international company which provides solutions for software application performance like the .NET caching solution, NCache, has made some big changes in response to Covid-19. Alachisoft’s office has implemented new working policies, new technologies as well as proper sanitation measures to ensure that not only are employees safe during this uncertain period of Covid-19, but also to ensure that productivity and management efficiency improves during this time.
The company has tested and implemented a Work from Home policy, enabling all their employees to work remotely. This was possible due Alachisoft taking steps to go fully virtual, with 100% of employees being able to access their necessary databases, files and software through a remote VPN connection. In addition, the company fully operates virtually in real time using online meeting software, new management policies for more frequent coordination on tasks as well as tracking software to log all employee work. All of these policies were tested before full implementation after positive feedback in terms of employee productivity and efficiency of management.
The company also began frequent sanitation cleaning of the building along with providing necessary soap, sanitizer and masks for any essential employees who were working on site. Alachisoft maintains a sanitized work building with new policies on employee distance, health checks, usage of facilities and preventing contact between employees in order to help control the effects of Covid-19 in Pakistan.