Thirteen air crashes occur


Pakistan’s aviation history
ISLAMABAD: Thirteen air accidents have taken place in the history of Pakistan so far in which about 875 people were killed and dozens injured. A total of thirteen planes have crashed so far killing, 875 people. According to the details, this is the eleventh major incident in the history of PIA, so far. On May 20, 1965, a PIA plane crashed during landing at Cairo Airport, killing 124 people In August 1970, 30 people were killed when a fokker plane crashed in Rawat near Rawalpindi, and two years later, on December 8, 1972, 26 people were killed when a Fokker plane crashed near Rawalpindi. In November 1979, a PIA plane carrying pilgrims crashed in Taif, while in October 1986, Fokker crashed near Peshawar, killing about 200 people in both accidents. In August 1989, a PIA Fokker plane went missing in the mountains near Gilgit. No wreckage or bodies have been found till today. In September 1992, a PIA plane crashed into a mountain in Kathmandu, killing 155 passengers and in July 2006, PIA Fokker plane crashes near Multan, killing 41 passengers. In July 2010, an Air Blue flight crashed into the Margalla Hills in Islamabad, killing 152 people. Two years later, in April 2012, a Bhoja Airline plane crashed near the LoiBheer area of Islamabad, killing 127 people. A small plane crashed near Karachi in November 2010, killing 12 people; while a December 2016 plane crash in the Havelian area of Haripur killed 48 people.