Tim Cook has 5 go-to words for controlling the narrative at Apple: ‘The way I see it’


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Good communicators know how they’re going to answer questions about their company’s products, financials, or vision. They don’t ramble or give convoluted responses. They use words that are precise and assertive. And there are few leaders who do it better than Apple CEO Tim Cook.
If you’re an entrepreneur, small-business owner, or the CEO of a Fortune 500, most people don’t understand your company as well as you do. You have a deep and unique knowledge of the company’s vision, the market, and the customer. Controlling a conversation to clarify your company’s business is a valuable skill to build.
Here’s how Tim Cook does it.
When Apple released its most recent quarterly report, it showed that profits had slipped, as did iPhone revenue. Bad news? Not necessarily. The stock spiked higher after the conference call because Cook offered a clear explanation of the broader, more positive picture. Thanks to double-digit growth from the App Store, Apple Music, and other services, Apple’s service business alone hit $11.5 billion.
Cook bridged from the iPhone to the broader picture by reframing the conversation with these five words.