TLP Still on the March


It almost beggars belief that TLP protesters are out in such large numbers and the government is having such a hard time controlling them. The very concept of protest arises when there are differences between certain groups and certain authorities. But since here everybody is practically is on the same page because all Muslims hold equal love and respect for the Holy Prophet (PBUH), this clash that has led to so much rioting, injuries and even killings, in addition to paralysing parts of the country and hurting the economy, is without rhyme or reason. The protestors must be asked just what the fault of the police officers, also Muslims with immense love for the Holy Prophet (PBUH), whom they tortured and killed so brutally was except that they were fulfilling their duty to the state.
And the state, too, must finally make up its mind about how it intends to deal with outfits, whether political or religious, that take the law into their own hands; to the point that it leads to mayhem and murder, repeatedly. It says something that the country’s highest security committee, which comprises all senior military and civilian leaders, had to convene in an emergency to discuss a threat from a local group, not some outside force, and that too when there is no disagreement about anything. As regards the matter of expelling the French ambassador, surely there are enough enlightened and aware individuals within TLP’s ranks to tell them that such things are just not possible.
It’s strange that the government orders rangers one day and decides to go back to negotiations the next. Clearly, with the firing and killings, TLP has crossed a line for which it will have to pay a price in accordance with the law. Their actions are not strengthening any argument, only weakening a nuclear-armed state and embarrassing the country before the international community. Prime Minister Imran Khan has raised the issues of Islamophobia and respect for the Holy Prophet at all prominent international forums. Such efforts on the part of the government should be appreciated, not attacked for now reason at all.