Trader deprived of amounting to 350,000 at gunpoint


Adeel Alvi
No doubt Shikarpur was famous as Paris of Sindh, a civilized city and loving people where people of across world used to visit to refresh their minds and make their memories, but nowadays Shikarpur has become a safe haven for criminals, dacoits, and all sort of criminal activities.
The people of Shikarpur shocked when they came to know that a trader namely Hosh Muhammad aka Abdul Manan Mangi, brother of Shaheed Qayoom Mangi, was looted by a few unknown criminals who wore face masks next to Nabi Shah Muhalla and managed to escape after looting amounting to Rs. 3,50,000. A couple of days ago, armed assailants robed Ravi Kumar and looted Nine Lacs at gunpoint when he was returning to Shahanshah Rice Mill after withdrawing cash.
The incidents of snatching motorcycles across the area of Shikarpur city have become routine issues and took place on daily basis even today an incident of snatching a motorcycle took place in Shikarpur city.
Keeping an eye over the increasing incidents of snatching motorcycles and robberies the Chairman Shikarpur Bachayo Tehreek Ali Asghar Pahore Advocate immediately demanded the DIGP Larkana and SSP Shikarpur to take notice of the increasing incidents and robberies otherwise he threatened to extend the protest movement in the larger interests of the people of Shikarpur.
Zahid Bhanbhro and Zafar Ali Channa advocate, the representatives of Qomi Awami Tehreek Shikarpur chapter, and other people belonging to different walk of life also expressed their severe concerns over increasing incidents of snatching motorcycles, dacoities, and deteriorating situation of law and order and demanded the SSP Shikarpur Kamran Nawaz Panjotha to take himself notice of the issue and direct ASP Shikarpur to control the worsening situation of law and order otherwise they also threatened to hold protest movement across Sindh for the welfare of the people of Shikarpur.