our correspondent
Members of the supreme council of the transport community of Khyber district initiated a protest demonstration on Monday against illicit money receives from truckers in Bara sub-division.
Scores of transporters from Shinwari, Afridi and Mulagori tribes while carrying banners inscribed with slogans in favor of their demands, gathered at Bacha Khan square,Landi Kotal bazaar.
They chanted full-throat slogans against allegedly unrepresentative transporters who fleeced them at the name of parking lot fees.
Speaking on the occasion their leaders Nasim Shinwari, Asghar Khan,Rehman Zeb and others said that nominal representatives of transporters forcibly collected unlawful money from the drivers in Bara at the name of parking fees, however with repeated complaints lodged with District Police Officer(DPO)but in avail.
They added that despite that the district administrative officials were informed of the fact, no legal action was not taken so far against them that was injustice to them.
“They do not belong to the transport community and should be stopped from collecting illegal money from us,”they added.
They threatened that if their demand was not addressed immediately they would have no other option but to suspend Pak-Afghan highway for all kinds of traffic.
Later on the protesters marched towards the local press club to file their protest and dispersed peacefully.