Two sent behind bar for 20 year


sexual assault
Additional Session Judge Model Court-I Battagram Tuesday awarded 20 years imprisonment to two persons on charges of child sexual assault and blackmailing a nine-year boy Adnan who later committed suicide.
The court also imposed Rs 2 million fine on each offender Anas and Amir in addition to jail sentence. It is to mention that 10 months back two people sexually abused a child Adnan and made his film. The two accused later harassed and blackmail the child who later allegedly committed suicide.
The district police took Anas and Amir into custody over charges of child molestation and recording the film of the incident and after investigation on scientific methods found them guilty.
The victim boy was said an orphan who was living a miserable life even before the sexual assault. He committed suicide on March 14 in village Singli of Battagram after being sexually assaulted for five months, police said.