UN SG urges world leaders to ensure health facilities for all by 2030


Secretary-General United Nations Antonio Guterres has called upon the world leaders to make sincere efforts to ensure health for all and make it a reality for everyone everywhere by 2030 as promised by the world leaders.
He said it is unacceptable and unjust that half of the world’s population still lacks access to these essential services and 100 million people are driven into extreme poverty every year due to healthcare costs.
He said a person’s health coverage should never depend on their wealth or where they may live. He said, “On our path to health for all, we must prioritize the needs of those most vulnerable and furthest behind, through increased public investment in resilient primary health care systems, including for mental health needs. We must also recognize the increasing burden that pollution and the climate crisis place on health and healthcare systems.”
The UNSG said universal health coverage is integral to delivering the Sustainable Development Goals, and the blueprint of a better future for people and planet. On this International Day, he said, “let us reaffirm our commitment to health for all as an investment in humanity, wellbeing and prosperity for everyone.”