Unannounced hybrid war has been started against Pakistan: Sheikh Rashid


RAWALPINDI : Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid has said Afghan ambassador daughter kidnapping issue was not kidnapping issue but it was conspiracy to malign Pakistan.

“we registered the case of kidnapping for the sake of world. We want Afghan ambassador should become part of the investigation. The world powers don’t want that Sino-Pak ties gain strength. Efforts are being made to give impression to the world that there is issue of peace and security in Pakistan Undeclared hybrid war has been started against Pakistan and It will be geared up in the coming days”, he said this while addressing a press conference here in Lal Haveli Tuesday.

We have reached all the drivers of four taxis in Afghan ambassador daughter kidnapping case, he pointed out.

According to our investigation it is not kidnapping case. We reached out to over 200 taxi drivers and taxi owners.

Afghan ambassador daughter came out of her home and went to Khadda market on foot, he stated. One and two drivers are government employees and they drive taxis to meet their family expenses. They have neither any criminal record nor was there any other man seated in any taxi. This is not kidnapping case. This is not kidnapping matter but it is conspiracy to malign Pakistan.

We have filed report in connection with kidnapping of daughter of Afghan ambassador, he said adding it is must that daughter of Afghan ambassador should be here. We want Afghan ambassador become the part of investigation.

He underlined that Chinese government is satisfied with us after Dasu incident. But India is trying to give it new angle. Efforts are underway to create misconception between Pakistan and China. World powers don’t want that relations between Pakistan and China gain strength. The pace of unannounced hybrid war against Pakistan is being accelerated .

He maintained that Imran Khan is emerging leader of Muslim ummah and India and Israel dislike him too much.

He remarked Jauhar town explosion occurred a day before FATF meeting. Dasu incident took place a day before GCC meeting. Afghan ambassador daughter incident was organized before Afghan conference. See their timings. What incidents are taking place they are happening under a conspiracy, he added.

He observed Maryam Nawaz is launching campaign against Imran Khan in Azad Kashmir adding PTI will emerge victorious in AJK polls.