Upcoming Mardan chambers election will be transparent: Kashmiri


Markazi Tanzeem-e-Tajran (Haqiqi) president Haji Auranzeb Kashmiri on Sunday said that the upcoming elections of both the chambers of Mardan will be clean and transparent. He expressed these views while talking to the media at Mardan press club.
He added that both the chambers, members have allegedly gained membership through fake and bogus NTN. He added that the voter list will be thoroughly scrutinized and their statements will be checked by the Income Tax Office. He added that the secretaries of both the chambers have allegedly met with a very corrupt and occupy mafia. He argued that the chambers are not anyone’s private estate it is for the business community.
He added that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has spent corers of rupees on the construction of chambers but some people allegedly occupied it to get personal benefits. He added that every businessman of Mardan has the right to ask questions from the heads of both the chambers. Aurangzeb Kashmiri alleged that the chambers have been under the control of a few vested interests form a long time. He alleged that elections have not been held in the chambers as per law and selections have been held in both the chambers.
He further disclosed that the secretaries of both the chambers do not renew the membership cards of majority traders who are tax fair and submitted statements on time each year so that they are not included in the voter list.
He alleged that blue eyed people were include in the voter list and delay tactics were used in the renewal of other merchants. He added that in this connection he also sent a letter to DGTO Islamabad which will soon form an inquiry committee for conducting inquiry in this connection.