Vaccination & travel ban


The Civil Aviation Authority and Airports Security Force on Sunday came into action regarding the checking of Covid-19 vaccination certificates of passengers at all airports including Jinnah International Airport, Islamabad.
The Civil Aviation Authority has made Covid-19 vaccination certificates compulsory for all passengers of 18 years of age and above. In its notification, the aviation authority had directed that the passengers will not be allowed to undertake domestic air travel within Pakistan without proof of Covid-19 vaccination from Aug 1. So, the Covid vaccination certificate condition has become applicable from today. However, the people who intend to go abroad are exempted from this condition. The foreigners are also exempted from this prerequisite. The Pakistanis who do possess the vaccination certificates from foreign countries are also exempted.
Reportedly, the inspection teams of airport manager were checking Covid vaccination certificates of the passengers at the Concourse Hall of the Jinnah International Airport, Islamabad. They were letting them enter the boarding area after checking their certificates. At Karachi International Airport, eight passengers were offloaded who were not carrying the Covid vaccination certificates. The passenger intended to fly to Islamabad from Karachi.
According to the CAA notification, the PIA and all other airlines are required to check the vaccination certificates of the passengers before their boarding. The passengers are not allowed to travel without Covid vaccination certificate.