Viceforus Protest Held Against Gandapur for His Scathing Remarks against ZABt


Several hundred workers and key leaders of the Pakistan Peoples Party and it,s sister organizations staged a vociferous protest demonstration in Sujawal on Monday against Federal Minister Ali Amin Gandapur for his derogatory comments against former Prime Minister and party founder Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.
Led by deputy speaker Sindh Assembly Rehana Laghari, Information Secretary Suraj Sujawali, MNA Ayaz Shah Sherazi, and MPA Heer Soho the protesters marched on the main thoroughfares of the city. The rally began from the party,s district secretariat and reached the Public Park Chowk where speakers lashed out at the Federal Minister and the PTI government for promoting immorality in politics.
MPA Heer Soho said that a forcibly imposed MNA tried to defame the true leader of this country who gave voice to the poor and subjugated masses of this country adding that ZAB was a globally recognized statesman and many international political leaders followed his footsteps.
MNA Ayaz Shah Shirazi said that PTI had introduced the trend of criticizing its opponent through immoral and unethical ways that showed that their leaders were not politically groomed and soon the people of Pakistan would reject them.
Bashing the Federal Minister for Kashmir Affairs and GB Suraj Sujawali said that the workers of PPP would not tolerate disparagement of their leader at any cost. He said how we could expect positivity and political values from those who had used unfair means to gain power.
Recalling the contributions of PPP founder Deputy Speaker Sindh Assembly Rehana Laghari said that Mr. Bhutto was a pioneer of democracy in the country but politically immature people who were no way near to the political stature of ZAB had tried to defame him for political point-scoring. She said the PTI Government had crossed all the limits of morality and values.
She warned of stern action if the PTI government continued with its unscrupulous approach in politics.
The protesters demanded Gandapur resign from his post and tender a public apology for his scathing remarks against the party founder.