WCCI launches women entrepreneur’s training


Project W2E2 is a rich spunk owing to women resourcefulness for equipping Pakistani women with the insight of entrepreneurship skills
Bureau Report
Pakistan Wireless Women Entrepreneurship & Empowerment in collaboration with Women Chamber of commerce and industry Peshawar division has started in the country.
The project funded by US state department, world learning, Alumni TIES is having its first session on information, communication and technology (ICT) for women entrepreneurs in Pakistan. The project talks beyond the gender and digital divide. This program will help them address the socio-cultural barriers currently impeding the entrepreneurial development in Pakistan
Shamama Arbab President Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry lauded the efforts of Pak W2E2 initiative. She suggested on pairing the young women entrepreneurs who are tech savvy with the entrepreneurs who need help in using the technology, this way young entrepreneurs will benefit from the experience of the older entrepreneurs and vice versa.
The project W2E2 is a rich spunk owing to women resourcefulness for equipping Pakistani women with the insight of entrepreneurship skills and what that takes to management expertise.
The project moreover would be signifying with the sparks of technological headways and communication conjunctions being a bridge-up between learners and professionals.
The stepping stone of this project drives down to the rising challenges for women entrepreneurs in Pakistan and the skyrocketing needs of this globalized business world.
In Pakistan, women entrepreneurs do not enjoy the same opportunities as men due to a number of deep-rooted discriminatory socio-cultural values and traditions. The economic potential of female entrepreneurs is not being attained as they sure from a lack of access to capital, land, business premises, information technology, training and agency assistance.
The media, educational policy makers and government agencies could combine to provide women with improved access to business development services and facilitate local, regional and national networks. This would help integration of women entrepreneurs into the mainstream economy if greased a little more by such purposeful small projects.
PAK W2E2 is going to be a sustainable project move cashing down number of responsibilities successfully. This event is designed to generate ripple impacts invent devious and neglected regions of Pakistan by empowering the rural entrepreneurs through upgrading their business skills with Information, communications and technologies.
PAK W2E2 aims to train nearly 300 local rural women entrepreneurs, 60 media professionals, 320 women students, 50 business leaders and professionals. It will also be advocating in federal capital with policy makers and business leaders on providing inclusive digital hubs, incubations and accelerator facilities for our rural beneficiaries.