Women hardest hit by the pandemic: CDA Chief


Chairman of CDA Amer Ali Ahmed on Wednesday said women are hardest hit by the pandemic and we will try our best to provide them relief as per the vision of PM Imran to empower women. The pandemic has made things harder for women particularly those involved in business and those facing poverty due to multiple reasons, he said.
Talking to a delegation of women entrepreneurs lead by the founder President of Islamabad Women Chamber of Commerce Samina Fazil, he said that the pandemic has disproportionately pushed many working women out of employment reversing decades of progress. Worldwide, 740 million women work in the informal economy and their income has fallen up to 70 percent, he observed. It is estimated that maternal deaths have increased by 39 percent poor countries and 13 million more child marriages are projected to take place by 2030 due to school closures and because of increased poverty reversing the gains of the last 20 years of global progress made on girls’ education.
Amer Ali Ahmed said that CDA will try its best to support businesswomen as the majority of them are related to the services sector. We will provide space for an office and a display center to IWCCI and try to accommodate as many women entrepreneurs as possible.