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Work on the most dangerous and dilapidated old wooden swing bridge got underway with the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa allocated a sum of Rs. 100 million for the construction of RCC Bridge replacing the old one.
It was a very long standing demand of the people of Chitral which was fulfilled by the Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan, who took keen interest in the development of Chitral, Nadir Khawjah, hailing from Chitral told APP. He said the people of the areas are in a jubilant mood, lauding the present government for allocating a handsome amount for the development of most neglected, in the past, District Chitral.
The dilapidated bridge over the Chitral River at Osik is a historical wooden bridge in Darosh town built in way back 1982 before it was a small terrain for the pedestrian during British rule, Nadir Khawjah, father of two top Pakistan national team Table Tennis International Ranking players – Fahad Khawjah and Ummam Khawjah, informed.
The bridge was also famous among the people of Chitral, which called them as the death-well as there were many incidents occurred at the site of the bridge, loss of precious lives, he said. The people of the area, he said, protested many times for its construction but no one listened to their demand and this time it is going to be fulfilled because of the special interest shown by the Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan for allocated millions of rupees for many projects.
Many precious lives have been lost in this place, he said, however, the present government has also started the work on the bridge by providing a fund of Rs. 100m for the construction of RCC bridge on the site of Osik village over Chitral river.
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader from Darosh, Haji Gul Nawaz also lauded the Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chief Minister KP Mahmood Khan for fulfilling their most awaited demands of the people of Chitral. He said besides this project, Rs. 160 million sanctioned for Janjirat Koh Road, Rs. 20 million for Saweer Road and roads and bridges were also approved for Nagar Arsun.
Both Nadir Khawjah and Haji Gul Nawaz appreciated the Chief Minister, for the approval of a package of Rs. 2 billion for Erandu Road and Rs. 3 billion for Mudglish road. They also thanked the Chief Minister of KP Mahmood Khan, who has a special love for Chitral and sanctioned Rs. 300 million for other projects as well as Rs. 2 billion for Sports Complex with multi-international facilities in Chitral and work on these projects would be starting soon. Nadir Khawjah informed that Chitral would get 15 Polo grounds and two more grounds for the first time in the history, which certainly a step of the KP government need to be appreciated.
“Now the people of Chitral would feel real change,” both Nadir Khawjah and Haji Gul Nawaz added. Responding to a question they said we used to cross this bridge by foot, now work has started on it, which caused a wave of happiness among the people of Chitral because on this bridge people used to pass up to Osik, Dom Shughur, Janjirat, Sawir, Janjirat Koh and load vehicles could not pass on it.
Nadir Khawjah said, people were forced to unload their belongings and bring them on foot but now it would be an RCC Bridge and people of these areas would be able to carry their necessities items in trucks at their doorsteps.