Young doctors reveal poor condition of Rawalpindi Civil Hospital


Young doctors have spoken about the pathetic condition of Rawalpindi Civil Hospital’s operation theaters as poor and unhygienic. Young doctor also protested against the civil hospital administration for using old surgical instruments in the operation theaters. While talking to the media, they said that the Rawalpindi Civil hospital is in poor condition and the doctors were facing shortage of surgical instruments, hand gloves, blades, injections, and other necessary items. They revealed that the doctors are injured during operation in the theater as the instruments are expired and outdated. They said the doctors were getting infected of contagious diseases due to lack of proper equipment and young doctors were also affecting.
Wards were infested with cats, the floors and corners of the rooms were spilled with sputum, and the operation theaters were either in a dilapidated condition or poorly-equipped, sources revealed.
They said the X-ray machines were either old or not up to the medical standards in the hospital which was hampering the work of the doctors. Currently the number of stray dogs in Rawalpindi is increasing day by day and the number of people bit by dogs was rising, young doctor added.
They demanded of the administration to insure availability of rabies vaccines in the hospital. “Earlier, the rabies patients were getting free treatment from government hospitals.