A week after the protests began in Cuba, the rallies in Miami continue to manifest


Hundreds of people gathered outside Versailles Restaurant in Little Havana Sunday afternoon in solidarity with the demonstrations in Cuba protesting against the communist regime.

Cuban flags, music by Willy Chirino, and T-shirts with the phrase “Patria y Vida” — Spanish for “Homeland and life” — were the common denominator during the demonstration. Protesters shouted “freedom” in unison as cars with flags drove along 8th Street, honking their horns.

One of the protesters, Luis Eligio D. Omni, said that these events that are being experienced in Cuba are a “continuation” of what happened in November with the San Isidro barracks.

“The San Isidro barracks raised the Cuban people in exile, an emotion so great that there is no explanation; and when these large-scale demonstrations take place on the island, those in exile are emotionally prepared to spend up to three months demonstrating until the dictatorship falls,” Omni said, noting that he thinks the likelihood of humanitarian intervention on the island would be unlikely since it did not happen in Venezuela, a country in shambles.

“The real intervention is what the Cuban people are doing: to get up in the streets, it is what the Cuban exile is doing to stay on their feet,” Omni said. “This is the moment to end the dictatorship.”

Dozens of Venezuelans also joined the event to support the island’s protests and denounce the repressive actions of the Cuban regime towards civil society.

“Cuba woke up. No matter how many years have passed, we too as Venezuelans go through that. Today we are here to give support to the Cubans on the island and so they do not feel that they are alone, “said a Venezuelan protester, Rosaura Sanz. “This rally that you see here is pure love, affection, respect and we do not care what color we are, we are all the same. That is why we must fight for a single flag — the flag of freedom. ”