AAA Associates brings renowned brands to its projects!


Established in 2015, AAA Associates offers investment plans and solutions for its clients with the help of a prolific and innovative team, leading in the market with a solid track record of delivering projects, and setting trends in philanthropic endeavours, supporting sports in society and taking care of the environment.
Bahria Town is a melting pot for investments. AAA Associates’ projects embody commercial and residential property, offering regal standard of living with lush views in the heart of Bahria Islamabad and top-notch brands to facilitate customers. Maintaining the trend of exciting news, AAA Associates adds another feather to the cap, as Khaaba by NaumanMasood will soon be opening their outlet at AAA Business Center, Bahria Town.Reputable and glorious names, soon becoming part of the grand collection of brands at AAA Associates’ projects, are Hatim, DaftarKhuwan, and Muscle Academy.
Previously, first ever Nando’s in the food street of Bahria Town Phase 7 in the state of the art project Arcade 2 by AAA Associates was brought on 16 December 19. ChikaChino Opened in AAA Akron, Bahria Town Phase 7 on 16 September 21. ChickaChino, masters of the ‘desi’ culinary art and their wonderful creations with stimulating taste and colourful flavours, brought desitarka to the hangouts of the foodies, in AAA Associates building, AAA Akron, Bahria Town Phase 7.
Wild Wings opened in AAA Akron, Bahria Town Phase 7 on 15 October 21. Wild Wings entered the AAA Associates bandwagon, at AAA Akron, for the excitement of ‘sportsand food’ fans to ‘go wild’ with wings and dips, and all tastes piquant. AAA Associates proved to be the cream of the crop once again by the opening, in its premises, of Ranchers, the wild and sumptuous food brand.The quirky fast food meals offered at Ranchers on 18 October 21 opened at AAA Thirteen. AAA Associates also brought Asian cuisines to the mesa by joining hands with Chop Chop Wok on 16 November 2021. Delicious and juicy Asian fusion flavours, Chinese, Japanese and Thai in the form of Chop Chop Wok at AAA Thirteen.
An agreement has been signed between AAA Octa and Pearl Real Estate Holdings (Pvt) Ltd. The signing was done between Chief Strategy & Development Officer of AAA OCTA and CEO of AAA Builders Mr.Farooq Bashir and Chief Operating Officer Pearl Real Estate Holdings (Pvt) Ltd-Hashoo Group Mr.ShairyarSalim. According to the agreement, Pearl Real Estate Holdings will provide the Management and supervision Services for AAA Associate’s mega-project AAA OCTA hosting Pearl Continental Hotel.
AAA Associates with competitive edge in the market exceeds clients’ expectations through laudable value proposition by providing services and investment opportunities that bring change in their lives through novelty and excellence.